Prime Fence Company, LLC rents out temporary fence panels.  Temporary fencing is most often used for special events, construction projects, displays, Acts of God, and demolition.  Temporary fencing is ideal for those customers who are looking to provide safety and boundaries but do not wish to permanently install fencing.  Prime will install the temporary fence panels and take them down as soon as the contract is completed.  We realize that reliability and punctuality are the key with temporary fencing. Typically, a project cannot be started before temporary fencing is installed, so we make it a top priority to always show up on time. Moreover, we are mindful of each customer and try to make the process as smooth as possible with direct and clear communication.

Prime Fence Company, LLC also sells temporary fence panels directly to customers who are looking to add temporary panels to their inventory.  Most common is the chain link fence panels shown below, but we have sold a variety of different temporary fence options.  Feel free to give us a call to inquire about the different types of temporary fence panels that we sell.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Fence in front of Union Station in Kansas City, MO

Prime Fence Company, LLC was greatly honored to supply temporary fence panels to historic and iconic Union Station in Kansas City.

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