Customer Service

“The Prime Way”

Prime Fence Company, LLC was started on the foundation that our company would provide exceptional customer service. We believe that strong customer service is what makes a solid business.  Our customers are who provide us with business, so we want to make sure each customer has had a great experience when dealing with our staff.

Customer service can define a company in any industry.  There are certain industries where customer service becomes even more vital due to the direct interaction between the customer and business.  We firmly believe that the construction industry falls under this category.  Therefore, we have built Prime Fence Company, LLC on the foundation of having exceptional customer service.

 At Prime Fence Company, LLC, we understand the importance of clear communication.  According to Consumer Reports, miscommunication and mismatched expectations are often the cause of most construction and/or renovation problems.  Moreover, the lack of communication is a big complaint when dealing with contractors.  Prime set out to fix this issue by providing customer service that customers raved about.

We wanted to be the outlier of the contracting world by communicating clearly and in a timely manner with current and prospect clients, while articulating expectations in regards to project timeline and customers’ desires.  At Prime Fence Company, LLC, we look to build a relationship and rapport with each one of our customers.  It is important to us to that each customer feels completely satisfied once a project is completed not only in the fence or deck but also in the manner that Prime went about providing customer service.