Choosing the Right Metal Fence

Although wrought iron fences are traditional, a lot of fence companies have strayed away from utilizing wrought iron and are instead recommending ornamental steel. Why is this?



Wrought iron fences are all-welded and are known for beauty and durability. Wrought iron requires little maintenance and works well for decorative designs. However, wrought iron is heavy and difficult to handle. It can be arduous to install and is the most expensive option. It is also rigid and must be stepped if the grade is sloped. Lastly, the paint chips off over time, so it will need to be painted every so often.


Ornamental Steel fences give the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing, are generally easy to install, and can be racked to suit uneven or sloped land. Many customers prefer steel over aluminum for the additional durability and strength that a steel fence has compared to aluminum.  The paint is also embedded into the metal so the paint will not fade or chip.

Steel Pool Fence

Aluminum fences are versatile and affordable, requiring very little maintenance. Aluminum does not need to be painted and should never rust, chip, crack, or peel. However, it is no where near as strong as steel and can get banged up fairly easily.

Aluminum fence | Ameristar Echelon Plus

Prime Fence Company, LLC utilizes Ameristar’s fencing materials. Prime highly recommends the Ameristar Montage ornamental steel fence over aluminum due to it being far superior in terms of durability and strength. However, we will look into both of Ameristar’s options in further detail.

Ameristar Steel Fence with Prime sign


Ameristar Montage ornamental steel fencing has an E-coat maintenance-free finish. The welded metal fence panel of the Montage has the ability to follow the steepest grades without having to “stair step.” Moreover, the vertical load bearing strength is equal to the sum of the rail strengths of all the rails in the panel providing durability. The joints are welded, instead of fastened, to maintain efficiency. Hot-cold and wet-dry cyclic testing is performed  (similar to manufacturing of automobiles) to ensure weather-resistant capability of the Montage E-coat protection. Ameristar’s 20-year limited warranty offered on all members of the Montage family.


Ameristar’s Echelon Family of Aluminum Decorative Fences is primarily targeted to coastal areas with high exposure to salt-spray and excessive humidity. Ameristar combines a base material that cannot red rust with a polyester finish coat, called PermaCoat, that will stand up to the harmful effects of an environment. The patented ForeRunner rail design is the strongest rail on the market today because of its innovative shape and configuration.


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  1. That’s good to know that wrought iron is the most durable and lowest maintenance option. We’re researching fencing for my office building’s new landscaping project. I’ll pass this along to my boss. Thanks for the information.

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